Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First Solarize Group Purchase Programs Comes to a Successful Close

The first Solarize Garland group purchase project has officially come to a close on August 15.  Eight solar PV systems with a total capacity of 36 kW DC were installed.  Solarized Garland help raise awareness of solar PV in Garland.  The Mayor, GP&L and North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) were represented at least at one of our meetings.  Sixty three people signed up for the interest list, 29 enrolled in the group purchase program, 20 people decided to get their homes evaluated for solar and get a quote and 8 people purchased systems.  There were thousands of visits to the web site.

One of the keys to the success of the Solarize Garland program was the GP&L solar incentive program which provided a utility bill credit of up to $5,000 for qualifying solar PV systems.  The 30% federal tax credit and the decreasing cost of solar also made the systems affordable and played into people’s decisions to go solar.

Plans for next Solarize Garland program have not yet started.  Watch this website for the next project.  In the meantime, a volunteer from Solarize Garland would be happy to talk to your neighborhood, church, school or civic group about going solar.  Contact us at

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Status of Current Solarize Garland Group Purchase Cycle

Participant registration in the current cycle of the Solarize Garland group purchase has closed as of July 9.
 The registered participants are having their homes evaluated for solar PV readiness, getting proposals, signing contracts with the solar PV installer and having solar PV systems installed.  All participants who intend to sign contracts should do so by August 15.
 Six installations have been completed with more to follow.
 Final numbers on the numbers of systems installed and total kilowatts installed will be published when all the installations for this cycle are completed.  All installations should be completed by mid-September.
 If you haven’t participated in Solarize Garland, but want to learn more about installing solar PV on your home or just more about solar PV in general, contact Solarize Garland and let us know of your interest.  Solarize Garland will be doing more programs starting after this cycle wraps-up.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Final Participation Deadlines Extended

This round of Solarize Garland group purchase program is in its final phase.  The solar PV installer selected in now in the process contacting the program participants who want to get their home assessed for solar and get a proposal.  Soon participants will be getting their proposals and having to decide if they want to sign a contract to have solar PV installed on their home.  So far 20 people have agreed to get an assessment and proposal.

There is still time to sign-up to get an assessment and proposal if you haven't already.  The deadline has been extended until July 9.  To sign-up you can enter you information on the enrollment form found by clicking here or by sending an email to Solarize Garland at  Include your name, address, phone number and service area (GP&L or Oncor).

The deadline for signing a contract with the solar PV installer is August 15.  The number of kilowatts of solar PV under contract by August 15 will determine the final discount and rebate to all the participants who signed a contract.  The more solar installed, the larger the discount.


Last chance to enroll:  July 9   ( click here or email )
Deadline to sign a contract to receive the discount: August 15

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Decision Time

Solarize Garland is reaching the moment of truth for this round of the solar group purchase program.  The solar PV installer process is nearly complete.  In a few days the solar PV installer for the group purchase program will be selected.  Those that enrolled in the Solarize Garland program are asked to decide if they want the selected solar PV installer to evaluate their home for solar and provide a solar PV system quote.  So far 12 people have decided to get a quote.  Once a person received a quote, they then need to decide if they want sign a contract to have solar PV put on their home.

As part of this decision process, a Solarize Garland meeting has been setup for June 17.   The meeting details are:

Date: Tuesday June 17, 2014
Time: 7:00pm to 8:30pm (doors open at 6:30pm)
Location: Nicholson Central Library
                 625 Austin St (Downtown Garland)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Enrollment Closed; Review of RFP Responses; Decision Pt. 2

Solarize Garland enrollment has closed as of May 15.  No new enrollees for Solarize Garland will be accepted for this round of the group purchase program.  The time for Solar PV installers to submit their bids has also closed.  Solarize Garland is now in the process of evaluating the RFP responses it has received.

Solarize Garland is now moving to Decision Point 2.  Decision Point 2 is where enrollees are asked if they want an on-site assessment of their home and a quote for a solar PV installation by the solar PV installer selected by Solarize Garland.  After a homeowners receive a quotes, they can decide if they want to move to Decision Point 3: signing a contract with the solar PV installer and having a PV system put on their home.

Decision Point 2 should be completed in the next two or three weeks.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

RFP Ready - Enrollment Deadline Extended

Solarize Garland has completed its RFP (Request for Proposal).  A number of PV solar installation companies have been identified and the RFP has been sent to them.  Solarize Garland is awaiting their responses.

It has taken a little longer than anticipated to get the RFP out, so it was decided to extend the deadline for enrollment in the Solarize Garland group purchase program until May 15.

The plan now calls for a solar PV installer to be identified around the end of May. Site surveys, contract signing and installations should start in June.  If all goes well, Solarize Garland participants could start producing their own electricity this Summer.

Solar PV Installer Registration: (click HERE)
Solarize Garland Participant: (click HERE to enroll)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Update - RFP Team, Enrollment, PV Installers

Things are continuing to happen with the Spring Solarize Garland Program.

We have formed and RFP Team.  This team is composed of five Solarize Garland Participants who volunteered to write on RFP (request for proposal) and send it to qualified PV solar installers.  The RFP is coming together quickly and should be ready to send out sometime next week.  When the responses come back from the PV installers the team will evaluate them and use the information to select an installer.  The goal is to have PV solar going onto our roofs before the worst of the summer heat and electricity bills hit us.

People are continuing to enroll in Solarize Garland.  We have 19 people who have enrolled thus far.  Enrollment is open through April 30.  If you haven't yet enrolled we encourage you to do so.  Click HERE to enroll.

Solarize Garland is encouraging solar PV installers who are interested in participating in the RFP bid process to register with Solarize Garland.  The registration form is available through the "Enroll" page tab on this site or by clicking HERE.

Solarize Garland is encouraging everyone to spread the word about Solarize Garland, the group purchase project and solar energy.  Tell your friends and neighbors about us.